About Us

Publishing luxury lifestyle magazines across London on a monthly basis since early 2010, Your Media London has an experienced team dedicated to delivering engaging publications specifically targeted at the luxury market. Now, the magazines are moving into a new era: shifting from monthly publications to a quarterly offering. Released in March; June; September; and December, these new magazines will continue to deliver the same high quality, luxury content in an even more engaging format with larger paginations and an extended shelf-life.

Developing a vast knowledge base across multiple luxury sectors, our editorial team delivers captivating, relevant features that are second to none. And with a clean, luxurious aesthetic, the magazines continue to build on the growth made since inception, now boasting a keen following across numerous markets.

Dedicated to delivering the epitome in luxury lifestyle editorial from exclusive product launches to bespoke travel, Your Media London continues to build on the well established relationships – with some of London and the world’s best brands and companies – that have been cultivated over the span of more than a decade. Continually searching for the finest experiences and products to illustrate to our readers, we strive for perfection in design and content, supported by luxury brand advertising.

Focused on building our substantial print portfolio over the past fourteen years, Your Media London’s digital profile will receive similar development to ensure it supports the impressive print media offering with plans in place to further extend the coverage and reach.

Your Magazines

Launched in 2010, Your Media London’s portfolio of premium lifestyle publications now deliver events, watches, beauty, travel, food and drink, motoring and style content on a quarterly basis. Direct to your mailbox or available from select distribution locations at thousands of premium outlets across some of London’s most affluent areas. Availability includes hotels, restaurants, boutiques, corporate and financial buildings and the city’s most exclusive residential addresses in your neighbourhood.

The portfolio currently comprises seven luxury lifestyle titles across key neighbourhoods in London targeting the affluent AB demographic who live, work and visit the capital. Delivering unrivalled editorial content from our in-house team alongside select contributors from leaders in their respective markets, the comprehensive coverage is not only engaging for our readers, but the relevant and up-to-date content is perfectly suited to those aspirational individuals ensuring our magazines remain at the forefront of luxury lifestyle publishing.

Offering one of the most comprehensive free luxury lifestyle outlets for advertisers, the Your Media London portfolio maintains an editorial focus which further highlights the promotional material for every advertiser. Combined with the extensive distribution network across premium outlets, your message will always make an impact with the right people.

These quality, perfect bound, A4 magazines offer their readers a wealth of luxury content and innovative articles which impact upon their lives.